Rent a Character!!

Have a Milford Theatre Company actor/actress dress as a favorite Princess or Superhero and celebrate your child's next birthday

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This play will be presented in-the-round which means the audience will be seated on the stage around an elevated platform staging area.  Adults will sit in the chairs provided and children can either sit in a chair or on one of the colored dots down in the front.  Princesses will also be in the kids’ seating areas to help.  When purchasing your seats, select the Chair(s) for the adults (and any kids who want to sit in a regular chair) and a nearby Kid Seat Dot for any youth interested in being up close and in the action a bit more.  Many adult seats are not right next to the children’s seating but don’t worry.  Princesses will be there to help and it will be fine if your little one wants to come back to your seat to sit on a lap.  Movement and a little extra noise will be ok.  

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Choral Performances!

Have Milford Vocal Music's Center Stage or Choraleers sing at your next function. 

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